VIP Porn Star Experience

Christine's Porn Star Experience service is her version of elite sexual experience encompassing several of her more exotic sex acts blended into a seamless delivery of erotica, fetish, anal sex, deep throat, swallowing, passionate rimming, cum in mouth, cum swapping, double penetration, prostate stimulation among other things!

Christine uses her intelligence & sexual talent of sensing what her partner wants and delivering on the promise of deep sexual, visual and mental satisfaction, within a heightened sexual situation.

She has the ability to position her partner and herself into positions that maximises the visual excitement and physical beauty and drama of each sexual arrangement.

Christine takes her partners needs and wants very seriously within the appointment. She is a very proactive, considerate and has a gentle and non judgemental approach to her partners needs. She recognises her responsibility to help her partner feel the most intense orgasm possible.

Christine advises her potential guests to email any specific requests, to help her prepare and maximise her service within the appointment. She recognises the diversity of exotic sex, however Christine's forte is an amalgamation of girlfriend experience and Porn star services.

Appointments and inquiries are made strictly through my Executive Assistant Heidi.

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